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Jan 052011

With Matt Groening’s success with The Simpsons, he was able to create Futurama (1999-2003), then brought back in 2010-present), which is about a cryogenically frozen delivery boy named Fry, who wakes up in the year 3000 and living his dream. Traveling through space… as a delivery boy working for his elderly nephew Professor Farnsworth. Leela the mutant captain, Bender the comedic robot, Doctor Zoidberg the lobsterman, Amy the attractive intern from Mars, and others accompany Fry on these adventures.

Some of my favorite episodes are the ones when the Planet Express crew finds adventure on other planets. Sometimes it’s a spoof on something else like the Slurm Factory and the planet Nintendu 64. Other times it’s something generic like the planet Amazonia. Those giant women are hilarious. “Me want snoo-snoo!”

Other than Bender, there are plenty of creative robot characters. Some of my favorites include the defective vending machine, the Femputer, and the Mad Hatter bot. “Change places!”

There are also different types of mutants that live in the sewers. Most of which have different body parts in the wrong places. It’s so artistic that each mutant is completely different. This show also features various celebrities’ heads in jars of water. I don’t see how that keeps them alive.

I’d have to say that Futurama is a good creative series of comedy and space travel. One thing I still don’t understand. Why doesn’t reoccurring character Zapp Brannigan ever wear any pants?

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