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Dec 202010

This rare feature called Alpha’s Magical Christmas was the very first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Christmas special in a straight-to-video release. The Power Rangers are out helping Santa Claus while Alpha 5 and Zordon are decorating the command center for Christmas. However, Alpha feels lonesome without the rangers to celebrate the holiday with him. So Zordon decides to invite some children to the command center for a Christmas party. They couldn’t be happier.

Alpha and the kids do Christmas activities and sing Christmas carols throughout. At times that can run a little long, even for a half-hour show.

As a Power Rangers fan, this special runs short of my expectations. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is best known for its martial arts action and monster battles, but this time there isn’t any of that at all. Some of the rangers, Tommy (Jason David Frank) , Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson), and Billy (David Yost) make an appearance, but it’s very brief.

All things considered, this was a nice Christmas special for nostalgic Power Ranger fans. Just don’t expect anything exciting to happen in comparison to what the series would normally provide.

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  1. The good thing about this special is that we hear Alpha sing, and Richard Horvitz is credited by his own name.

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