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Dec 032010

In the sci-fi comedy Naked Space, a group of astronauts explore an undiscovered planet and find a small glob to bring back to Earth for observation. It turns out to be a living organism.

It’s a long trip back, so the crew finds creative ways to pass the time, which includes a talent show. Captain Jameson (Leslie Nielson) does a dramatic reading from the ship’s log, which wasn’t bad for an opening, despite Rozinski’s (Gerrit Graham) opinon. Next John (Bruce Kimmel) does a cooking segment, “How to Cook a Synthetic Turkey”. It doesn’t look very appetizing, but the act was creative. Then for the grand finale, morale officer Annie McHugh (Cindy Williams, who I remember best as Shirley from the classic sitcom Laverne & Shirley) performs a song in a sexy outfit, which really lights up the show. It’s not easy being the only woman onboard, especially with someone like Rozinski around.

Rozinski is hilarious as an outspoken chauvinist pig, who likes to annoy people. He sure loves his Horny Hotties magazines.

Soon the organism grows into a monster. It soon gets loose and terrorizes everyone, giving them the willies. As huge as the ship is with its many levels, corridors, and sections, it could be anywhere. Captain Jameson is more worried that if anything were to happen to him, Rozinski would be in charge. Now that would be scary.

Dr. Stark (Patrick Macnee) keeps insisting that the monster is friendly, even if it does try to eat him and everyone else. As the victims get eaten, it doesn’t show anything gory. Only one personal possession is left behind. Talk about licking your plate clean.

You’ve got to admit though. The monster can dance and has a nice singing voice. The song the monster sings has disturbing lyrics about eating people, but Rozinski’s blank stare throughout the song is what makes it funny. I wonder who was playing the piano.

This is a great film filled with comedy and excitement. I admit, it’s not exactly Spaceballs, but is still my kind of sci-fi movie.

As a tribute to Leslie Nielsen, he was definitely a great comedic actor, who had a long carreer. He was best known for spoof films like Airplane and The Naked Gun trilogy. Some of my other all time favorites include Repossessed, Dracula: Dead and Loving it, and Spy Hard, just to name a few. It’s like what Linda Blair said at her Q&A at Spooky Empire 2009. “Who isn’t a fan of Leslie Nielsen?”

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