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Nov 272010

The Simpsons fourth album was another TV soundtrack called Go Simpsonic With The Simpsons: Original Music From The Television Series. This one not only had songs from newer episodes, but also older ones that weren’t on The Simpsons: Songs in the Key of Springfield. Some of the major highlights include, Homer and Marge singing “Those Were the Days”, which fits perfectly in comparison to the theme from All in the Family, especially Marge’s singing voice. As well as “Canyonero” and “Garbage Man” (Based on “Candy Man”).

Just when I thought The Simpsons discontinued having new music on the series, they had one more called Simpsons: Testify. Highlights from that include Bart singing “Testify” and Weird Al Yankovic singing “Homer and Marge”.

As The Simpsons continue in popularity, I don’t know if they’ll have another album, but these are all favorites, especially if you’re a fan of classic Simpsons.

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