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Nov 132010

Based on the original arcade version, the NES sequel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game has a new option for two players at once and the game play is so much simpler. You can gain extra lives, but only once every 200 points. Each enemy and boss is worth only one point. Rip off!

All of the turtles have the same skills and strength. In a way, it seems like Raphael’s weapons aren’t so wimpy anymore. However, there are only three moves, weapon attack, jump kick, and jump & attack. That can get a little boring after awhile if you think about it. On top of that, you can’t switch turtles at all in this game.

The enemies and bosses are much more recognizable from the 80s series. Not only the old ones like Rocksteady and Bebop, but also new ones like Baxter Stockman, Krang, and top stone warriors Granitor and General Tragg. Speaking of Tragg, I can remember the TMNT episode from season one of the 80s version when Mikey broke his nunchukus on Tragg’s abs. Yet in this game, they work well against him. Isn’t that strange?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game is also the first TMNT game to feature multicolored Foot soldiers. It makes you wonder how many the Shredder has. At least there are a set number of enemies per area. In the two-player mode, the numbers increase in most areas and the bosses are stronger.

Oh, I almost forgot. The mousers are different because they bite when you get too close. I always found the mousers more amusing in the first TMNT game when they were easier to fight off.

The Shredder is cleverer this time. He uses a holographic device to double-team the turtles. It’s so much more exciting for the final battle. Don’t you think?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game is so much better than the first one. It’s simpler and more fun, despite how much different this game is compared to the original arcade title.

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