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Oct 162009

Last week I talked about meeting Cerina Vincent at FX Convention 2009 and highlighted several of the horror films that she was in. I recently had the opportunity to see her again at the Spooky Empire 2009 Horror Convention in Orlando. I learned from her Q&A that she grew up in Las Vegas modeling and doing commercials locally. She moved to L.A. right after high school. During college she got an agent and started going on auditions.

Cerina Vincent and me

Cerina discussed how it’s much more difficult for actors to find work nowadays, because 75% of all TV shows are Reality TV. The industry has totally changed. Also, many actors were not able to work enough to keep their health insurance during the recent writers strike. Cerina is happy to be a working actor and make appearances at conventions. As for Cerina ever being on a reality TV show, she looks forward to possibly executive producing a positive show based on the Hot Chick books she co-authored with Jodi Lipper. Her favorite show is Dancing with the Stars, so if they call her with an offer she would definitely accept.

Now I have been to many Q&As before, but never had the courage to ask any questions myself. This Q&A was a major breakthrough for me because for the very first time I did ask a question. I asked Cerina what it was like to work with Amber Benson on the film Intermedio. She said that Amber is a sweetheart and was glad to have worked with her.  Unfortunately, the movie itself didn’t go very well. For one, Amber’s broken foot was not originally part of the script. It was a real injury she had at the time. Also, the director was a bit crazy but she didn’t go into too much detail about that.

 Cerina Vincent autograph


I’m so glad that I got to meet Cerina Vincent again. This autographed photo was the one I got from FX Convention 2009. There were quite a few different choices, but I chose this one. Like I said before, it’s always good to meet a Power Ranger.

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