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Sep 292010

The ninja turtles are back on the big screen in the sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II – The Secret of the Ooze. They now live with April (Paige Turco) at her apartment while looking for a place to live. Soon, April does a news report on a waste disposal industry called TGRI. As it turns out, that was the company that had the ooze, which transformed the turtles and Splinter from ordinary animals into mutants. Splinter even kept the broken canister as one would keep a baby book.


Trouble soon strikes when the Shredder (Francois Chau) returns, along with Tatsu (Toshishiro Obata) and what’s left of the Foot Clan. They also find out about the ooze. As Professor Jordan Perry (David Warner) gets ready to dispose of the last container, they capture him and use the ooze for their own evil purposes.

First off, Shredder uses the ooze to create two henchmutants. No, it’s not Bebop and Rocksteady. They are Tokka the snapping turtle and Rahzar the wolf. A couple of fearsome mutants, but not very bright. Shredder wants them to call him Master. Instead they prefer “Mama”.

Meanwhile, the turtles do find a place to live, which is an abandoned subway station. It’s dirty, but amazing.

Tokka and Rahzar soon prove their worth when Shredder has them attack the turtles, who get their butts kicked by them. “Didn’t we see these guys on Wrestlemania?” During the battle they find Professor Perry, rescue him, and escape.

After that, Shredder leaves a calling card for the turtles by sending Tokka and Rahzar out to destroy a city block. A couple of people see it happen, but react as if it was just another night in the Big Apple. Is it really? “Master say have fun. Fun.”

Professor Perry creates an anti-mutagen to use against Tokka and Rahzar, but they have to eat it in order for it to work. I couldn’t help but notice that the glass he uses to examine the mixture is a Bart Simpson glass.

After Mikey’s pre-fight donut plan failed, the turtles are forced to fight those mutants again, only to wind up in a Vanilla Ice concert. The battle proceeds as all of the innocent people think it’s all part of the show. Vanilla Ice himself was even convinced.

Then it all comes down to another final battle against the Shredder. This time he drinks the last vile of ooze and becomes Super Shredder. He looks so animated when he first comes out from under the dock to attack the turtles.

I liked this film better than the first one. The turtles are much more comedic while fighting their enemies and Raphael is not as short-tempered as before. He must’ve learned his lesson about self-control after the last movie.

I also remember that around that time, the turtles were in a controversial situation with fans. They were actually being blamed for school violence. Even now I don’t really see it that way. Compared to today’s standards, the violence level was still pretty tame. I admit, the martial arts level was not as clear to me like on Power Rangers, especially when compared to the video game versions at the time because the moves were very limited. I still enjoy them though.

One last item: Did you know that the turtles used to be a band and they had their own magazine during the early 90s? These guys were really at the top of their game here.

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