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Sep 132010

Among the different guests you’ll find at any comic book convention, you’re sure to find comic book artists who sell their own artwork. I met the very memorable Karl Kuras at Mini Mega Con 2009.

Karl, like me, is a member of Gen X and a huge fan of 80’s cartoons.  Combine that with Karl’s unique sense of humor and you have I Love Sushi, a book containing a collection of favorite cartoon characters behaving completely out of character.  Imagine Optimus Prime as a mean drunk, Mario on a mushroom trip, Strawberry Shortcake cat fighting with Rainbow Brite, or the Smurfs eradicating the Snorks Nazi style.  Check out these and more of Karl’s artwork here.

Meeting Karl Kuras was a very entertaining experience.  He offered to draw me an original sketch of any 80’s cartoon character I wanted if I purchased a copy of the I Love Sushi book.  I couldn’t resist, so I had Karl create a sketch with Smurfette.  Karl held his pencil over the blank page for a moment and then burst into laughter.  Karl’s laughter was contagious as he continued cracking himself up until he completed his creation.  Eventually the rest of us got to see what was so funny.  The sweet Smurfette was introducing capitalism to the Smurf Village by exchanging smurf berries for certain favors. Karl liked the sketch he created for me so much he took a photo of it.  Maybe it will be in his next book.

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