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Sep 012010

The clay animation series called Celebrity Deathmatch (1998-2002) is another great example of MTV’s brand of humor. Various celebrities battle each other in a wrestling ring and are featured in a parody manner. The celebrities are paired up, usually based on common talents most of the time. But what really makes this show different from pro-wrestling, is that the fighters use dialogue during the bout, expressing their hatred towards one another and even using movie titles and song titles as puns. That is so clever.

However, the story lines mainly focus on the two commentators, Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez. Sometimes things that go on in their personal lives affect them on the job. It helps bring the show to a more adventurous level, don’t you think?

Sometimes Nick and Johnny use the movie and song puns as they call the fights. Not only that, but they have such unique names for the different fight moves like the Mormon munch, the Belgian helicopter, and the Winnipeg wax job. How do they come up with those?

Starting in the second season, the series added a time machine to bring back currently deceased celebrities to fight in the ring. That helps add to the educational level to the show. Celebrity Deathmatch was an excellent source of learning about celebrities that I knew very little about. However, this is a parody series, so the portrayal is never completely accurate.

I don’t really know how a winner is chosen for each bout. It could either be based on the personal issues between the fighters, or it could be about which celebrity is more popular or the least irritating. Heck, there were even times when both fighters lose… their lives. It’s always unpredictable.

The show abruptly ended after season four. A few years later, it was brought back. Only to be abruptly cancelled again after only a short time. I must admit though, that newer version wasn’t as good.

This was a very clever series. I liked it, even if it does seem like Nick and Johnny don’t care when anyone dies in the ring. “Somebody dies every night on this show. That’s part of the fun.”

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