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May 242010

Before Bowser Jr. was part of the Super Mario Bros. franchise, King Koopa had seven other children from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World who have recently made a comeback on New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Here’s what I remember most about them.

Larry Koopa: He’s one of the youngest Koopalings and the weakest fighter, but don’t underestimate Larry. On the cartoon series, his specialty was sneaky deviousness. I guess that’s why he was renamed Cheatsy.

Morton Koopa Jr.: His biggest asset is his big mouth and maybe that star tattoo over his left eye. At least I think it’s a tattoo. Morton (renamed Bigmouth) is a real chatterbox on the cartoon series. As for Morton’s fighting skills, he’s a bit slower than Larry, but quicker with his wand.

Wendy O. Koopa: She’s the only sister of the family. Wendy is a material girl and a spoiled brat like Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls. On the cartoon series, she was renamed Cutie Pie and her tantrums are what made her my least favorite Koopaling. On the video games she sure had a thing for throwing deadly rings and having large spiked pillars in her castles. I’m guessing that the “O” must stand for “Obnoxious”.

Iggy Koopa: At first I was under the impression that he was a wild and crazy Koopaling. However, he always held back in that area until recently on New Super Mario Bros. Wii when he got creative with that chain chomp chariot. On the cartoon series, Iggy was one of the youngest twins named Hop who is playful in a deadly way. He’s just not what you would expect.

Roy Koopa: He’s one of the first Koopalings to attack with the stomp method that the Sledge Brothers use. On the cartoon series, let’s just say that Roy (renamed Bully) is not the kind of Koopaling you’d want to face in a dark castle. Though I like his sunglasses. I wonder if Roy ever takes them off.

Lemmy Koopa: This Koopaling has a thing for bouncing balls, which makes him difficult to pounce on because he’s so high off the ground. That also makes him playful in a deadly way. On the cartoon series, he is Hip the other youngest twin.

Let me backtrack a little bit. You hardly ever see Hip and Hop apart. They’re so close that they even tend to finish each other’s sentences. The Koopaling twins are labeled to be six years old while the others are in their teens.

Ludwig Von Koopa: He’s the oldest Koopaling and one of the toughest with his fighting skill. On the cartoon series, Ludwig is a mad scientist and was renamed Kooky Von Koopa. He has brains and brawn. Now that’s a rarity with villains. In his first appearance on the Super Mario Bros. 3 NES game Ludwig had the same stomp method that Roy has, but he was described to have had all the fighting skills of his other siblings combined. No wonder Ludwig shows different skills on each of the later games. Too bad he never showed them on the cartoons.

Having these classic Koopalings return was definitely part of what made New Super Mario Bros. Wii a huge success. I wonder if their long absence was from brain trauma, considering how many times Mario and Luigi have jumped on their heads. And of course the lava baths some of them had from the Super Mario World game for Super NES.

At one point I thought that Bowser Jr. was a replacement to modernize the franchise, but I’m glad he wasn’t. Bowser Jr. is merely the eighth child to the Koopa family, and Bowser is still single? Dude, if the Mushroom Kingdom had reality TV, I can somehow see this leading to something like “Octo-Dad”.

  3 Responses to “Bowser’s Koopa Kids”

  1. What a great post! Octo-dad! That’s hilarious!

  2. Cool I Like The Koopa’s! Why don’t they make a game which you can be a koopaling yourself!? I will really like that game my brother and I will enjoy it Or you can choose your favourite Koopaling!

  3. That does sound like a good idea for a video game. It would also be interesting to see the back stories on the Koopalings before they Bowser took them in. Thanks for the comment.

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