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May 142010

Welcome back. Back in the day, whenever both Sega and Nintendo release a new title at the same time it’s always the same exact game, but not this one. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie for Sega Genesis is much different. It’s the closest to the movie itself, but there’s no morphing.

You go through six levels as any of the six rangers. There are some digitized voices too, but they’re limited. When using a special move, there are only two yells, Pink Ranger’s and Red Ranger’s. It’s all based on which gender the ranger is. The special move also uses up part of your life meter each time you use it. Rip off!

You face all sorts of enemies from Ooze men to Putty Patrollers. Actually it’s only Ooze men and Putty Patrollers. After finishing level one, the rest of the adventure from the movie is in a story. Then level two is returning from Phedos to face Ivan Ooze’s giant ecto-morphicons. Seems like that cuts the adventure pretty short, doesn’t it.

I like that you can see each enemy’s life meter as you fight them. It makes me think of arcade games that do that. However, I don’t like that each area has a time limit to defeat a group of enemies. When time runs out, it takes away from your life meter. Oh, come on. I want to enjoy the game, not think of a stupid time limit.

Some levels are Megazord battles. You can choose between the Ninja Megazord and the White Ranger’s Falconzord to fight the giants. I don’t understand though. If the Power Rangers are such an equal team, why do the leaders always get the biggest zords that can fight independently?

After defeating the ecto-morphicons, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha reminisce about when they first joined the Power Ranger team. Then the levels are more based on season two of the series. The only monster boss you battle is Nimrod the scarlet sentinel. Hey, as many monsters as the series had, who cares if each game uses different ones? The more variety, the better. That also includes the Megazord battles with the Thunder Megazord and the White Tigerzord. I thought we’d never get to see them.

Goldar is a boss you face several times, but he’s tough. Not because of his strength, but because he flies all around and it’s hard to get in a good hit. Goldar never flew on the series, plus you can’t kill him. He always takes off when his life meter is low, that coward.

Once the reminiscing is done, the rangers must face Ivan Ooze as a giant in the final level. He’s tough, but the rangers can stop him, right?

This was a very good video game version as well. It was plenty challenging, adventurous, and had excellent music that comes from the soundtrack of the TV series. I may have mentioned this before, but it’s overall, a franchise that still remains a classic even today.

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