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May 122010

Can you believe it? If Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was going to have a video game sequel, they could’ve settled for a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2 that’s based on the later episodes and/or seasons from the series. Instead, they made Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie, which was based on the 1995 feature film.

There were three different versions made, one for each game system from that era all released on the same year, but they all had one thing in common. The task is to save the world from Ivan Ooze.

Let’s start with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Super NES. In this game you can choose between six rangers in a one or two player mode. Tommy is now the white ranger and Rocky, Adam, and Aisha replaced Jason, Zack, and Trini. Most of their fighting styles are basically the same. However, you can morph at any time as long as your power meter is full. That really helps when you need to restore your life meter and clear the enemies on the screen at the same time.

The bosses are all monsters from season two of the series. They include Mirror Maniac, Cannon Top, Skelerena, Magnet Brain, and Silverhorn, which were all created by Lord Zedd. Then you have to defeat a large brain called Mainframe before you get to Ivan Ooze.

The action isn’t as repetitive as before. After morphing, the rangers become twice as strong against the new enemy putty patrollers, the moves are more varied, and there are points scored in this game which can total for 1ups. The first game didn’t. That’s very helpful because this game is more difficult. One thing I don’t understand is why the rangers don’t use their weapons when morphed unless the power meter is full. Then it slowly goes back down again.

This game may be the least related to the movie itself and there are no Megazord battles, but it makes a great sequel.

Then we have Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie for Game Boy. It’s a little more accurate to the film as all six rangers are in their ninja suits before morphing. They also fight the principle villains Mordant, Goldar, Lord Ed… I mean, Zedd. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Along with a large rat and a Queen Tenga before facing Ivan Ooze.

The rangers are basically all the same in every way, except that the females jump higher than the males. I don’t understand that.

I’d have to say that the Game Boy version is pretty dull in comparison with the others. Check my blog for part 2, where I’ll be talking about the version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie for Sega Genesis.

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