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Apr 242010

As much as I enjoyed the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, I was so thrilled when I first heard about the classic Super NES Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video game based on it.

Arch villain Rita Repulsa is out to conquer Earth and it’s up to Jason, Zack, Billy, Kimberly, and Trini to stop her. You can choose between the five of them, but it’s only a one-player game unfortunately. What’s also unfortunate is that Green Ranger, Tommy, isn’t featured at all because the game mostly reflects on early season one before Tommy joined the team. That would also explain why the bosses are older monsters from the series. They include Bones (a skeleton monster), Gnarly Gnome, Eye Guy, Genie, and Dark Warrior.

Each ranger has a different fighting style. Jason has karate, Zack has hip-hop jitsu, Trini has preying mantis, Kimberly has gymnastics with a touch of self-defense, and Billy just uses rapid punches. However, all of their strengths are exactly the same, so the action does appear extra repetitive. But the character designs on the teens are amazing as replicas of the actors from the series.

Halfway through each level the ranger morphs automatically, which is helpful because it not only increases their strength and skills, but morphing also completely restores your life meter. Unfortunately, the action becomes even more repetitive because the only difference between each ranger at this point is his or her weapon, which are mostly all the same strengths. You also get a dino bomb to clear the screen of the enemies, but you can only carry one and other dino bombs are hard to find. Rip off!

The last two levels of the game are one-on-one Megazord battles. First against Mutitus and then Cyclopsus… twice. What concerns me here is that it doesn’t matter how many lives you have at this point. If you lose the match, it’s “Game Over”. At least there are life meters with these giants, unlike the first five bosses, so you actually know if you’re winning or not. I also don’t see why Rita doesn’t fight the rangers herself. She never did on the series either.

I remember back when this game was new, it got bad reviews for not having enough challenge. Well, so what if half of the putty patroller enemies are a bunch of wimps that get killed with only one punch. This game has plenty of challenge and I still find it a classic. There were also several video game versions based on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie. I’ll be talking about those later on.

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