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Jan 272010

Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel is one of the most popular games on the Nintendo Wii as well as the first Wii game to use a steering wheel as a controller. The object is like any other racing game. You try to win races in various race routes, but these are no ordinary race routes. The different Super Mario Bros. characters have to drive through meadows, gorges, dangerous castles, even outer space. You won’t see this at Talladega, folks.

The routes that I think are the most difficult are the ones without barriers. That’s right. In stages like “Wario’s Gold Mine” and “Rainbow Road” it’s easy to fall in a hole. It won’t kill ya, but you will fall behind.

Throughout the races, you will find question blocks that will give you items to throw at your fellow racers as well as booster items to help you gain the lead. The items are always random, which makes it unreliable. But usually it depends on where you are in the race. If you were in last, you’d get a bullet bill that gets you back near the lead. If you’re first, all you get is a banana peel. Seriously, do banana peels in the road actually cause car accidents?

One route I get concerned with is “Moonview Highway”, where you have to go through a busy city street. Really. What kind of idiot would put a race route there during rush hour?

It’s great that nobody gets killed in this game, but with all that goes on I’m surprised that nobody even gets hurt. Even after falling into lava pits. Makes you wonder about the health insurance in the Mushroom Kingdom.

As you win more races and get gold medals, more characters and cars are unlocked. Sometimes the task requires winning WFC ghost races. That sounds simple. To me, the hard part is finding that mode. The strategy guide provides the details on how to unlock each character/car. Some tasks may appear very difficult. Especially the ones that require a Star rank or completing race routes in the 150 mode. On the bright side, the alternative is to play a certain number of games. Like at least a thousand or so. As Waluigi would say, “Everybody cheats. Next time I cheat.”

It’s usually best to stick with characters you’re comfortable with. One of my favorites is Baby Peach. She’s a hilariously adorable wild child. No wonder Princess Peach keeps getting in trouble. Even as an adult.

After getting gold medals in the 50, 100, and 150 modes, you unlock Mirror mode. There, all of the race routes are in reverse. That may seem awkward after being used to the regular race routes, especially with the difficulty level of the 150 mode, but it’s real creative.

Normally I never was into racing games, because it’s so difficult to stay on the road. Let alone keep up. In fact, as a kid, the only part of auto racing I ever liked was that the cars were all numbered. None of the cars in this game are numbered, but Mario Kart Wii turned out to be a great Wii game to play. Hooray for Mario!

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