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Nov 022016

Sesame Street has done it again with classic segments grouped together in a musical theme. This time Sesame Street – Sing Yourself Silly! is about, well, silly songs. After almost every song, a random Sesame Street character comes out and says; “Now that was silly”.

There’s no subplot in this feature, but there are quite a few classic segments that I remember well. For instance the opening song The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree features one of the first appearances of the Dinger. Like the Honkers, he doesn’t talk but sure stands out since there are no other Dingers around.

Another interesting segment I recall is James Taylor performing Jelly Man Kelly on his guitar with some kids. I never understood the lyrics, but I liked the relaxing setup.

One Banana was very creative. It’s about how bananas always grow in bunches and never alone. It also relates to how people grow with friends and family. As silly as this song is, it has some realism too.

Now who remembers Don Music? He’s that song writer that seems elegant, but when he gets stumped on a lyric, Don slams his head on the piano saying that he’ll never get past his writers block. At times he can be too emotional and give up too easily. It’s funny at first, but after a few times it’s hard to watch.

In this segment, Don works on Mary had a Little Lamb. With Kermit’s help, Don makes a new song called Mary had a Bicycle. While performing it, the members of Little Jerry and the Monotones suddenly join in. Where did those guys come from?

The last big highlight is Hoots the Owl and his band performing Put Down the Duckie as Ernie tries to play the saxophone. It’s a catchy song (Despite that it was already on Sesame Street: Put Down the Duckie) that features many celebrity cameos, including Pee-Wee Herman at his playhouse. It’s interesting that Ernie’s only problem was not to hold his rubber duckie while playing the sax. You’d think there would be harder things about playing the instrument to consider.

This was another great feature with classic Sesame Street segments. It’s the kind of material that makes you look forward to the next Sesame Street Old School DVD set, if there are any more coming.

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