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Oct 122016

Unlike many zombie movies, Grindhouse: Zombiethon is mainly about a compilation of clips from several different zombie movies from the 70s and 80s. It starts with a young woman running from a zombie and hiding in a movie theater that’s playing old movies. Apparently, there are a bunch of zombies in the audience as well.

The movies featured include Zombie (1979), Zombie Lake (1981), Oasis of the Zombies (1982), Fear No Evil (1981), and The Invisible Dead (1970). Many of the clips that are shown have very creepy zombies often attacking attractive women who are at least half-naked. It’s like one cliché after another.

I should also point out the level of gore, which is so disgusting I always need to look away. You’re probably thinking, “These old zombie movies can’t be that creepy compared to the zombie movies of today.” Oh, yes they can.

Between each “movie”, there’s a scene featuring a different young woman running from a zombie and hiding in that same movie theater. As tiring as it may appear, I think it’s vital because it’s hard to tell where one set of movie clips end and another set begins. Especially since there is hardly any dialogue in the entire thing.

Later on, the in-between scenes are about the zombies in the movie theater struggling to sit still due to problems with the film projector. With a zombie running it, what would you expect? On the other hand, the way the zombies in the audience react is actually pretty funny. After showing all that gory drama, this movie really needed some comic relief.

Zombiethon wasn’t a bad movie, since I liked the idea of featuring old zombie movies in a series of clips. If it was meant to be a documentary style movie, couldn’t there have been a narrator or something? That way it would’ve been a little easier to follow. However, if you like zombie movies from that era, I think Zombiethon is at least worth checking out.

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