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Jul 132016

Sesame Street DVDs are best known for their entertaining and educational segments coinciding with themed story lines, but Sesame Street – Friends to the Rescue is different in more ways than one.

It starts with an exciting story line about a hurricane hitting Sesame Street and everyone prepares for it by taping windows, getting supplies, and bringing all loose items inside which includes Oscar’s trash can. That sure inspired me to prepare in case something like a hurricane was to occur.

It’s also nice to know that Kermit the frog makes an appearance as a Sesame Street news reporter. How long has it been since he last did that?


After the hurricane ends the next day, the story goes in a different direction. It focuses on how natural disasters can affect people emotionally. The one most affected is Big Bird because his nesting area behind the colored wooden doors was completely destroyed. I haven’t seen Big Bird this sad since Sesame Street’s Follow that Bird when he was captured by those crooked funfair owners, known as the Sleaze Brothers, and sang that sad song about wanting to get back home again.

It turns out that there are no extra segments about any letters or numbers. This feature is all about everyone helping Big Bird rebuild his home. Big Bird is grateful but goes through a lot of emotional distress.

Even though the place gets all fixed up again, there’s still one thing missing, the nest itself. Big Bird was left to build his own since birds do it all the time, but Big Bird doesn’t know how. He was never taught.

Just then, three architects who are based on The Three Little Pigs offer their services, but they only know how to build houses and I don’t mean birdhouses.

Big Bird decides to call his Granny Bird for assistance. I remember Big Bird mentioning his Granny Bird before, but this is the first time we ever actually see her.

The new nest does get built, but there’s another problem. The city nest inspector, based on the Big Bad Wolf, suddenly arrives to make sure it’s safe. That just goes to show that when it comes to fixing up homes, one thing always seems to lead to another.

This was a good feature that’s both exciting and heartwarming. My only concern was that some of the other characters like Ernie, Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, and the Count do not appear at all. It makes you wonder what they were doing throughout this duration.

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