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May 042016

It’s been a long time since the fourth installment of the Tremors franchise, which left the impression that it was all over. Now it’s back with Tremors 5: Bloodlines. Once again Burt Gummer (Michael Gross), the only original character to return, is back fighting graboids and other monsters to come from them.

Burt is now famous because he has a series about being a survivalist and has his own brand of marinade made from cactus juice. You’ve got to admire Burt’s level of resourcefulness.

While filming an episode, Burt is approached by videographer Travis Welker (Jaime Kennedy) who is wild on a motorcycle and becomes Burt’s new cameraman after the old one leaves. Travis is also a big fan of Burt and intends to expand his brand, despite Burt’s reluctance.

Soon Erich Van Wyk (Daniel Janks) from the South African Wildlife Ministry arrives and tells Burt of a graboid problem in South Africa. It’s hard to believe since they are confined in Perfection, Nevada, but there is no better man to handle the problem than Burt Gummer.

We all know how Burt likes to be over prepared. However, the gun laws in Africa are too strict forcing Burt to result in basic firearms that aren’t nearly powerful enough to kill a graboid or their kin. At least Burt can use his electronic seismic vibration monitor and heat blocking gear.

Burt is also known for his hilarity. The best example in this movie is the scene when Burt ends up caged and left for dead. Even with his survival skills, the heat from the sun causes Burt to go insane.

Eventually the monster reveals itself as a new and even more advanced breed of graboid. It’s like a combination of all three types (graboid, shrieker, and ass-blaster) with an even creepier presence and clawed feet like a raptor. What will the franchise come up with next?

I’ll tell you what, a queen graboid that can leap out of the ground along with detachable snake tongues that attack separately, is creepier than any of the other graboids they had before.

This was an interesting sequel to help bring back the Tremors franchise after 12 years. Will there be another sequel with Burt and Travis teaming up again? Only time will tell.

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