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Feb 102016

Welcome back. By this point in The Legend of Korra – Book Two: Spirits, Korra has mastered all four elements. Now she has to focus on the more spiritual side of being the Avatar by mastering how to go in and out of the spirit world and controlling the Avatar State.

The Fire Ferrets pro bending team is no more. Mako has become a policeman working for police Chief Lin Beifong, who is the daughter of Toph Beifong. She is tough as nails and takes a while to warm up to Korra, even though they’re both fighting for the same cause.

Meanwhile, Bolin works for an eccentric businessman / inventor named Varrick. Their biggest accomplishment was the ability to make moving pictures. We call them movies, but in this series they’re called movers.

Varrick is also highly reliant on his assistant Zhu Li. When he wants anything done he just tells her to “do the thing”. That could mean anything, but Zhu Li always seems to know.

As it turns out Aang and Katara had not one, but three children. There’s Tenzin, his waterbending sister Kya, and their non-bender brother Bumi. I’m sure that Aang named him after King Bumi from the original series.

As Korra struggles to understand the spirit world, she meets up with Iroh who helps her understand it better. It’s a good thing Iroh was there because the other spirits did not like Korra at all no matter how hard she tried to remain calm.

In addition to that, Korra learns about how the very first Avatar came to be. It all started with a boy named Wan and a spiritual embodiment called Raava. The original series had backtracked in Avatar history before, but it never went this far back.

Even though Amon is no longer a threat, Korra ends up facing a new enemy, her Uncle Unalaq. He intends to seize power over the Southern Water Tribe by freeing Vaatu the dark Avatar.

Things become way more intense this season unlike anything Aang has ever faced in the original series. Check my blog for Part 3 as Korra’s adventures get even more exciting.

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