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Dec 022015

In Big Hero 6, 14-year-old Hiro Hamada is a robotics genius who enjoys participating in robot fights. But since robot fighting is illegal in the city of San Fransokyo, Hiro’s older brother Tadashi was able to guide his brother on a better path.

They go to a university called San Fransokyo Tech, where Hiro meets Tadashi’s friends that are all scientific geniuses. The inventions they create are nothing like what you’d see at an ordinary science fair.

Wasabi is a neat freak that invented plasma lasers that can slice through anything with ease. Apparently he got his nickname for spilling wasabi on his shirt once. It’s strange but it works.

Go Go Tamago uses electromagnets to invent speed wheels for a faster bike. Even though she has a rebellious attitude, Go Go is actually really friendly.

I just love Honey Lemon for her kind and sweet persona. She’s also excitable and has invented chemical balls that can stick things together. They can also build protective walls and come in many colors. They’re mostly pink, probably because Honey likes pink.

Then we have Fred the school mascot, who is a slacker and a comic book geek. He is also a science enthusiast and dreams that the knowledge will help him gain superpowers. Of course, the others don’t necessarily approve.

Last but not least there’s Tadashi’s invention, a super robot called Baymax. This robot was made to help people with the knowledge of many medical procedures. He has a soft inflatable body and a gentle voice, which would help his patients feel comfortable.

After seeing all this, Hiro is inspired to enroll at San Fransokyo Tech and invent microbots, which work together to create anything by just thinking of it. Suddenly, tragedy strikes and Hiro is motivated to upgrade Baymax into a crime fighting robot. I couldn’t help but notice that Baymax’s new suit seems to have a strong resemblance to Iron Man.

Apparently, a masked villain stole the microbots. So the other students help Hiro by turning their inventions into crime fighting gadgets, which also includes Fred’s monster costume. I’m sure Fred was real excited to make his dream a reality. Of course it was also made possible by the fact that Fred has a rich family.

I certainly enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would since the trailer did not feature Big Hero 6 as a superhero movie. I wonder if there will be a sequel or a TV series from it.

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