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Oct 072015

Here’s a Sesame Street feature that’s special for Halloween. It’s called Sesame Street: Elmo Says Boo!. Elmo visits the Count at his castle to share some spooky jokes and goes into segments where the theme is spooky stuff.

As the feature goes on, Elmo and the Count keep track of how many spooky jokes they tell. Obviously these jokes are on a children’s level. Sure they’re cute, but not hilarious as they’re portrayed to be.

We also get to see some new additions to the Count’s castle, like the giggling skeleton, Sir Count-a-lot the talking armor, and a laughing portrait of the Countess Groana Lisa. There’s even a cute ghost and the organ plays by itself.

Some of the classic segments include the Count singing about the Bones (Inside of you) and Lillias White performing Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5 while the Count conducts the chorus.

There are also a couple of monster songs and some animated segments like the eight bats fly out of a castle window one by one. Don’t those bats have cute faces?

There’s even an Ernie and Bert segment where they visit an ancient pyramid. Bert is excited to explore, but Ernie is scared. Surprisingly, they find statues that look like the two of them and the one that looks like Ernie comes to life. The statue is friendly, but leaves me wondering who he really was.

The last segment featured is the Count and his bats singing The Batty Bat. It’s a good song, but this was on two other Sesame Street DVDs already.

I enjoyed this feature with its great setup for Elmo visiting the Count. The choice of segments were good too, but it would’ve been nice to also include other songs and skits from the Count back in the 70s, or at least have a Best of Count Von Count on DVD.

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