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Jan 152010

Just when you thought the Super Mario Bros. franchise couldn’t get any better, it does with New Super Mario Bros Wii. It appeals to modern fans as well as nostalgic fans like me. And better yet, unlike Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros., the game play control is much easier as you hold your Wii controller like the original NES controller. At last, something simple.

The story begins with Princess Peach and the Mario Bros. celebrating her birthday at the castle. When the cake arrives, it turns out to be a trap from King Koopa. Not only does Bowser Jr. pop out, but also the other seven Koopalings. They all capture Princess Peach and take her away in an airship. Mario, Luigi, and two Toad-like characters (whose names are never mentioned) go after them through all kinds of levels.

There are many types of enemies, old and new. If you are highly familiar with New Super Mario Bros. DS, than the newer enemies, obstacles, and coins shouldn’t surprise you too much. Yoshi is in a few levels, but not many. Even if you complete a level with Yoshi; he doesn’t go with you. What a rip off.

Sometimes you have to rescue Toad in a random level by carrying him all the way to the goal. That’s right, carry. And without getting hit by an enemy or an obstacle. Can’t that Toad ever stay out of trouble?

Surely, you remember Larry Koopa, Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., and Ludwig Von Koopa. I admit, we haven’t seen any of them since Super Mario World back in 1991. At that time, three of the Koopalings had stretched out and shrank into nothing and the others were plunged into lava pits. I guess they did survive after all.

The tactics to fighting these bosses are basically the same, but with a new modern twist. In worlds 1-7 you fight a Koopaling and defeat him/her with three stomps to the head. After defeating the Koopaling in a tower, you have to fight him/her again in a castle. But there, Magikoopa uses his magic to add an extra obstacle to the one on one boss battle. Each Koopaling has a different obstacle, so you’ll never know what to expect. Game tip: If there are any holes in the room, don’t bother trying to lure a Koopaling into them. They never fall for it. On occasion, you’ll have to fight Bowser Jr. in an airship level in a flying clown copter. More oldies, but goodies. If only the tactics to defeating Bowser Jr. were more simple.

Then comes world 8. After defeating Magikoopa in the tower and Bowser Jr. on the airship… again, it all comes down to the final confrontation with King Koopa. It starts out simple with the “bridge out” method, but it’s not over yet. Thanks to Magikoopa, King Koopa becomes bigger and scarier than ever. You can’t fight him. You have to work your way to Princess Peach as King Koopa comes after you.

This is definitely one of the greatest Super Mario Bros. games to date. Now as for how the story ends. Well, I’ll just let you discover that.

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