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Aug 192015

Normally when it comes to Sesame Street specials focused on numbers, the host is usually the Count. On Sesame Street – Learning About Numbers, Big Bird hosts a comedy show featuring classic songs and skits about the numbers 1-10, as well as the number 20.

Big Bird was a good choice as host. My only concern was that his opening joke was a huge bomb. “Boy was it cold yesterday.” “How cold was it?” “It was so cold, I had to wear my mittens.” That was supposed to be funny?

Some of the highlight segments include the red ball rolling down a model roller coaster where all of the obstacles are in threes, and Big Bird singing I Just Adore 4 with the Tarnish brothers. This song is actually on both Sesame Street Old School Albums, both on CD now.

Of course the Count does appear in this feature, but he doesn’t arrive until later. There are a couple of segments that intertwine with his absence. First the Count gives Ernie a job to answer the telephone, but keeps Ernie from answering it because he insists on counting the rings.

The Count also gets a job as an elevator operator, but doesn’t understand the true meaning of the job. Once again his counting obsession becomes a problem. At least it does with Kermit.

The Count does appear in another classic sketch where he counts seven flowers and seven sneezes. I distinctly remember hearing this on a Sesame Street record album years ago. I can’t remember which one that was, but I do remember the segment word for word.

Then after a few animated segments, the Count returns just in time to count to 20 with the Honkers. Certainly a good bit to end on.

This was another great feature with classic Sesame Street segments. I would definitely rank it on the same level as Sesame Street: Count it Higher. There ought to be more like that.

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