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Jul 292015

Sesame Street: Learning About Letters is pretty straightforward. Big Bird hosts a feature on every letter of the alphabet and Telly monster provides different things that start with each letter. Sometimes it’s a couple of things, but mostly just one.

There are also segments about the different letters, but unlike The Alphabet Jungle Game, only some of the letters get segments while the others only get a quick run-through. I thought that felt too fast, but the reason was probably to make sure the feature doesn’t run too long.

Some of the classic segments include Cookie Monster singing C is for Cookie, Ernie and Bert singing about the letter L, and Cookie and Harry monster singing about foods that start with M.

When Telly gets to the letter E, Oscar reveals the four elephants living in his trash can. This used to confuse me. How could Oscar fit an elephant in that trashcan of his, let alone four? Plus, only the trunks are revealed. So that makes me wonder how big these elephants actually are.

Another classic clip called Sign Alphabet features the whole alphabet by zooming in on each letter that’s found on random signs or graffiti in the city. This brings me back because I used to like looking at the city signs when I was a kid. I didn’t know what a lot of the signs meant, but I liked the big letters on them.

After finishing the alphabet, Luis (Emilio Delgado) reads a story called The King Banishes the Letter P. This is about a king named Peter the persnickety that was hit by a ping pong ball and bumped into his pet porcupine. That upset him so much that he banishes everything that begins with the letter P, which was more than he bargained for. This story was nice and reminds me of some of the classic old Muppet fairytale specials that feature King Goshposh.

Overall, this was a good feature. I would’ve expected at least a few more segments, but this works very well for a Sesame Street alphabet feature.

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