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Jun 102015

Following the success of the various LEGO features comes a series based on a similar brand of toys called Playmobil. Super 4 (2014-2015) follows the adventures of four young heroes, each from a different land, not to mention a different genre.

Prince Alex is a knight and the son of King Kendric of Kingsland. The castle always has jousting tournaments and Alex is always enthusiastic whenever they come up. He’s a noble warrior that makes him a good leader, even though there technically is no team leader for the Super 4.

Apparently, his sister Princess Leonora only believes that her royal duty is to be kidnapped and rescued so she can tell her friends all about it.

Next we have Gene the secret agent/scientist from Technopolis. He’s very brilliant, but can sometimes come off as a stick in the mud. Gene doesn’t believe in magic, even though he has seen it many times and often corrects people with technical babble, believing that he’s never wrong.

Then we have Ruby the pirate from Gunpowder Island. She’s greedy when she sees treasure and is a bit of a hothead, but has a good heart. Ruby is skilled with a sword like her friend Alex and isn’t afraid to strike first when confronted with danger.

Lastly, there’s Twinkle the fairy from Enchanted Island. She’s very sweet and always hopes for a happy ending, whatever the situation. Twinkle is skilled with a wand, but isn’t too bright. Her clumsiness was what got her banned from the enchanted fairy world and she has felt bad about it ever since.

Together, with their pet Alien, the Super 4 travel the different worlds in their special vehicle called the Chameleon, which can transform into different things depending on which world they’re in.

There are also reoccurring villains the Super 4 must face. Each of them comes from a different land. In some cases they cross over. One such villain is the Black Baron. He’s intent on taking over Kingsland by dethroning King Kendric and occasionally goes after Princess Leonora to marry her.

Dr. X is a mad genius that invents things that he thinks will help mankind, but always backfires in the worst way. So maybe he’s not really a villain per se, just misguided. But won’t he ever learn?

Then there’s the Queen Fairy who banished Twinkle for accidentally turning her into a frog. Even though Twinkle has tried to make amends, and actually turned her back to normal once, the Queen Fairy will never forgive her.

Sharkbeard the pirate and his crew are always out to steal treasures of any sort. Enough said about them.

And of course there are wild card villains like Fourchesac the wizard and Baba Cara the wicked witch that looks a lot like Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

This was an interesting series mainly for its level of action and adventure. As different as Gene, Alex, Ruby, and Twinkle are, their friendship always helps them find a way to prevail over any obstacle. You’ve got to admire them for that.

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  1. i want to be a pirate like ruby and make sharkbeard walk the plank

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