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Apr 152015

If you thought The Alphabet Jungle Game was good, then you’ll love Sesame Street: The Great Numbers Game. This time, Elmo, Telly, and two kids explore a magical forest that’s set up as a video game world. The goal is to quest for the numbers 1-20.

There’s also an animated segment or two about each number. Once again, most of them are more modern, which is a bit disappointing. There are a few classic segments also, but they were all on other Sesame Street DVDs already.

The subplot scenes are much shorter in this feature, but are really neat. There is a point where Elmo and Telly hop on moving platforms. However, the most common obstacle is a giant cookie that rolls around and Elmo and the others try to run from it. It would’ve been interesting to see that action, but it keeps cutting to a segment too quickly.

I can easily tell that the magical forest backdrop is a green screen, which made it easy to show Elmo and Telly’s entire bodies the whole time. That wouldn’t have been so easy to do years ago.

I enjoyed this feature mostly for the concept of going through a video game type world. I’m a little surprised that the Count wasn’t in this one. He would’ve liked this adventure since he had his own NES game called Sesame Street Countdown, which was about the Count finding numbers. Come to think of it, Cookie Monster would’ve enjoyed that giant cookie. Though it was never revealed where it came from.

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