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Dec 032014

The newest video game console I have played is the Nintendo Wii U, which is basically a perfected version of the Nintendo Wii, but this one is very different from most consoles. When I was growing up, video game systems were much simpler. You just hook it up, plug it in, and insert the game cartridge, then game on. After hooking up the Nintendo Wii U, you have to wait a long time for the console to download. That also includes every time you insert a new game. Despite that, the Nintendo Wii U is a nice game system.

The very first game I played on the Nintendo Wii U is Super Mario 3D World. Unlike most Super Mario Bros. titles, this one provides the option to play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad and each character has special abilities. I know this sounds like Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES, but things are much different here.

I should also point out that Rosalina is also a playable character, but you have to unlock her first.

The objective is to rescue Sprixies and the Sprixie Kingdom from Bowser. I guess that after Bowser failed to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom so many times, he decides to go after another kingdom.

The game play is much like Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS and provides the same powerups like Fire flowers, Tanooki leaves, and Boomerang flowers. It’s so interesting to see Toad and Princess Peach with these powerups since we don’t get to see that very often.

There’s also a new powerup called the super bell. That gives the heroes cat suits, allowing them to run faster, climb walls, and pounce on enemies as well as scratch them up. If you love cats, I’m sure you’ll find this adorable.

One item I struggle to understand is the double cherries. They just clone your character, which makes it more difficult to maneuver because they can easily be trapped in tight corners.

Remember the star coins? This time there are three green stars hidden within each level. It’s nice to explore, but sometimes you need a certain amount of stars to unlock later levels.

However, there’s other ways to collect green stars. For instance, there are areas where you complete a series of challenges to collect ten stars.

Then there are the Captain Toad levels, where you have to navigate Toad through puzzle-like areas to collect five stars. Those levels are hard because Toad doesn’t jump, the control and navigation are very awkward, and there’s a time limit. I’m actually surprised that Captain Toad is going to have his own separate video game for that.

The bosses are cool. Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom return, Bowser throws stuff from a fancy car, and there are new bosses that I can hardly describe but are still fun to battle. Once again, the Koopalings don’t return. It makes you wonder what they’re doing during this adventure.

This is a good game that I find enjoyable. However, I tend to struggle with the control when it comes to the 3D aspect, especially during the side scrolling stages. It certainly makes me appreciate the classic 2D platform games more.

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