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Nov 192014

The newest Batman movie to date is Batman: Assault on Arkham. This time things are different because Batman is not the main protagonist. It’s actually a team of villains working for the U.S. Government called the suicide squad.

The team consists of Dead Shot, Captain Boomerang, Black Spider, King Shark, Killer Frost, and Harley Quinn. I must say that this latest version of Harley Quinn is as great as ever. Even though I’ve never heard of these other villains before, they certainly leave their mark as dangerous individuals.

Jennifer Hale

I met Jennifer Hale at MegaCon 2014. She voices Killer Frost in this movie and several characters on Powerpuff Girls, but I remember her best as Ivy from Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego.

Amanda Waller, leader of Task Force X, runs the suicide squad. She is very strict and the suicide squad members are made up of convicts that are highly expendable. If they refuse to cooperate, Waller kills them by activating a bomb she placed in each of their heads. Now that’s just brutal, even it’s done to evil doers.

The mission is for the team to break into Arkham Asylum to retrieve a computer file that was stolen by the Riddler. It contains information on every suicide squad member. It’s been a while since the Riddler was on a Batman feature.

The Penguin also makes an appearance, providing the arms and equipment to the squad members. It’s just gross seeing him eating raw fish and squids.

Meanwhile, Batman is on a separate mission to find a powerful bomb the Joker hid somewhere in Gotham City. However, the Joker is still locked up and it’s revealed that he and Harley are no longer together.

Things don’t run smoothly at Arkham. During the chaos, other Batman villains join the battle. They include Two-Face, Bane, Scarecrow, and Poison Ivy. It’s neat to see those super villains back in action.

Despite how intensely violent this movie is, it’s a real good one. Even though I never played any of the Batman: Arkham video games that this film is based on, it still brings a sense of nostalgia in comparison with Batman: The Animated Series.

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