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Nov 122014

Rangerstop 2014

Rangerstop was better than ever this year. Many of the Power Rangers actors who attended were from the original classic series, which is still a big favorite today.

First there was Karan Ashley, who was Aisha the yellow ranger. It was great that she autographed my Power Rangers magazine.

I got Steve Cardenas (Rocky the red ranger) to autograph it too. How awesome is that?

Hilary Shepard

It was real nice that Hilary Shepard came to Rangerstop. She was Divatox the evil space pirate from Power Rangers Turbo. In a Q&A panel, Hilary mentioned that she got the opportunity to improvise her character in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, which also includes the catchphrase, “Viva La Diva”.

Catherine Sutherland

Catherine Sutherland, Who was Kat the pink ranger, was very sweet.

Austin St. John

Now here’s something really exciting. Austin St. John (Jason the red ranger) was at Rangerstop. When I got his autograph, I asked him what were some of his favorite monsters from the series. One that Austin mentioned was Goldar because he got to fight him at times. Some of his least favorites included Pineapple the Clown and Pudgy Pig. I can’t blame him. Those monsters were pretty weird.

If you remember Jason’s return on Power Rangers Zeo, it was totally unexpected that he was chosen to be the gold ranger. Austin also didn’t see it coming until the last minute. Now that’s amazing.

Walter Jones

Walter Jones (Zack the black ranger) was awesome. He was fascinated that my name was Vinnie and got the whole crowd to say, “Hi Vinnie”. That was certainly a unique experience for me.

Patricia Alice Albrect

As an extra bonus, Rangerstop also had voice actors from Jem and the Holograms like Patricia Alice Albrect, who was the voice of Pizzazz. She was very sweet. When I got her autograph, she said that I made her day happy.

Patricia Aice Albercht Autograph

Rangerstop was a blast and I had a wonderful time. After this great turnout, it makes you wonder who will be at this convention next year.

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