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Jan 042010

The Super Mario Bros. movie is a whole new take on the video game franchise. The Mushroom Kingdom is actually a parallel world of dinosaur people with King Koopa (Dennis Hopper) as a ruthless dictator. Whoever would’ve thought that he was actually a T-Rex. I always thought he was more like a dragon.

Mario (Bob Hoskins, who I remember best as Private Detective Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit) is a master plumber and Luigi (John Leguizamo) is his brother and apprentice. Personally, I think the role of Luigi was miscast. I know he’s younger than Mario is, but he looks more like a college teen. Luigi was much older on the cartoons. The Princess (Samantha Mathis) is named Daisy and is Luigi’s love interest. This was back before Princess Daisy and Princess Toadstool (renamed Princess Peach) became separate characters.

The goombas are nothing like in the video games. Tiny heads on large bodies. It’s a little creepy. Don’t ya think? What I find interesting though, is that they like to dance to elevator music. Although Toad (Mojo Nixon) was turned into a goomba, he was still able to hold onto his humanity. Everyone fears the bob-ombs. It’s pretty funny how that is. Sure they’re powerful, but they look like cute little wind-up toys. Bob-ombs can even walk up the walls and on ceilings. Were those Reebok symbols on the bottom?


The stomper boots are amazing contraptions. It would also help explain how Mario and Luigi acquired those high-jumping skills. There are no question blocks or any power-ups in this movie. I guess they wanted to keep the story line on a more down to earth level. Just like why there are no fireballs or sonic booms on the Street Fighter movie.

I think it’s a classic film and Mario has an excellent motto. “Treat your tools like a friend. Keep them by ya. Never let them down and they’re always at your side.” I can see that as a motto to live by.

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