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Feb 282014

Welcome back. Let’s move on with Sesame Street Old School Vol. 2, which also contains three albums from the Sesame Street collection, but are all solo character compilations.

First we have My Name is Roosevelt Franklin. The main tracks I remember from this album are the ones about Roosevelt and his mother going over numbers and the alphabet. Other tracks feature characters that I never saw on the series before. Ones like Mobity Mosely, who sings about the months of the year and A.B. Cito singing about sharing. I can only imagine what those guys look like.

Next there’s Grover Sings the Blues. I thought that sounded appropriate since Grover has blue fur. As for the songs, some of them like What Do I Do when I’m Alone, I’m So Blue, and Has Anybody Seen my Dog are actually pretty sad. However, Grover has happier songs also like when he sings about the letters G, Q, and I. Not to mention all time favorites like Near and Far and Over, Under, and Through. That’s when Grover gets so tired from all of that running. Maybe he needs some vitamins, or an energy drink.

The final album is The Count Counts. Unlike the others, this one features all of the songs and segments as a radio show. It’s called The Count’s Countdown Show from Radio 1-2-3, hosted by the Count. Many of the songs are from the animated segments based on the numbers 1-12 going backwards like Ladybug’s Picnic, The Alligator King, and Martian Beauty. However, the lead vocals seem different.

There you have it. These Sesame Street albums are true classics. What did surprise me is how short these tracks really are. Of course it’s much easier to see an album’s length on CD player than on an old record player. And in case you were wondering, all six of these albums are from the 70s, before Elmo.

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