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Feb 252014

If you grew up in the time of record albums then chances are that you would know about the many classic Sesame Street albums from back in the day. That’s why I was thrilled to find that some of these old records became CDs, starting with Sesame Street: Old School, Vol. 1: 1969-1974.

Within these box sets there are individual covers for each CD that look exactly like the old record covers. That really brought me back, since I used to have some of the original records when I was little. However, the records kept skipping at times, which made them hard to keep up with while listening. That’s no longer a problem now.

Let’s go over the CD sets themselves. Volume One features three albums. The first is The Sesame Street Record, which was one of the very first of many records of the franchise. I remember this one well since it has some of my all-time favorite songs like Big Bird singing about the alphabet as one big word (ABC-DEF-GHI), Cookie Monster singing about Up and Down with another monster, and Oscar singing I Love Trash.

Speaking of Oscar, this album contains a subplot. Oscar wants to sing his song, but he’s forced to wait for everyone else to perform their songs. It sometimes makes me think of Oscar’s solo album, Let a Frown Be Your Umbrella. Too bad it’s not included here among other Sesame Street records.

The second album is Big Bird Sings, which features the best of Big Bird’s songs like ABC-DEF-GHI and I Just Adore 4. Big Bird also performs poetry. The one I remember best is the one about the Nine Naughty Noodles that he reads to Oscar. For the record, many of the separate Sesame Street records were solo albums on certain puppet characters.

The third album in the first volume set is Bert and Ernie Sing-Along. I never heard of this one before and like the first CD, it has a subplot. Bert is taking a bath and Ernie barges in with a piano to begin a sing-along featuring children’s songs like Old McDonald Had a Farm, On Top of Old Smokey, and She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain. When it starts to take off, the whole Sesame Street gang comes into the bathroom to join in. I can’t help but feel sorry for Bert because he’s shivering in the tub the whole time and keeps asking for a towel, but no one will do it. (How rude can you get?) Honestly, I would enjoy this album more if it weren’t for the dragging subplot.

How’s that for Sesame Street nostalgia? It’s not over yet though. Check my blog for Part 2 for the next volume.

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