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Dec 282009

Even though I was never much into Star Wars or Star Trek, The Fifth Element is a well made sci-fi classic with great action, humor and story line. Heck, it already begins with a memorable catch phrase, “Aziz, light!”

Corbin Dallas (Bruce Willis) is a retired army Major turned cab driver, who has been chosen to save the world from a dark planet that is intent on destroying the Earth. Only one thing can stop it. Corbin has to find four magic stones, each representing the elements of life; earth, fire, water, and wind. Along with a modelesque alien beauty named Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), who is the fifth.

The special effects are amazing with all those different hover vehicles flying through on many layers. I do believe that it could help solve the major traffic problems we have today. In the 23rd century, even the McDonald’s restaurants are bigger and the waitresses have more cute and colorful uniforms.

Although Gary Oldman is known for playing villains, Zorg is a more mild and humorous character. I like that. In the scene where the dark planet makes Zorg’s head bleed, it puzzles me because there was no scrape where the blood came out. I’m guessing that the dark planet squeezed Zorg’s head in the same manner as how Darth Vader strangles his victims with his Jedi power.


Milla Jovovich kicks butt in this movie as Leeloo. I wonder if that’s what got her those roles in Ultraviolet and the Resident Evil films. One detail I have noticed recently is in Leeloo’s orange hair. She has some blonde streaks in it. I’m surprised that her orange hair dye didn’t wash out completely in the auto wash.

I love this movie. Some of the most humorous scenes are the parts with brilliant editing. Two or three different scenes intertwine as the dialogue runs smoothly. Oh, and did I mention that Milla Jovovich kicks butt?

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