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Nov 122013

Rangerstop is one of the newest Power Rangers conventions to come to Orlando. There were Power Rangers actors from different versions, which was a great idea to attract fans of all ages.

The main one I was excited to meet was the very sweet Nakia Burrise, who played Tanya the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo.

Later, there was a Q&A panel with Nakia Burrise along with Jason Faunt, who played Wes the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force.

Tanya was first featured on the last episode of Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers and replaced Aisha (Karan Ashley) when the series became Power Rangers Zeo. There was no mention of why Karan Ashley left the show, but Nakia was excited to have the role. Her most favorite episodes were Song Sung Yellow and Another Song and Dance from Power Rangers Zeo, since they are the ones where she got to sing.

One of the main subjects both actors talked about was their new web series, which is coming soon. It’s called No Nerds Here, a mockumentary about Power Rangers actors Nakia Burrise, Jason Faunt, and Jessica Rey (who played Alyssa the White Ranger on Power Rangers Wild Force) attending fan conventions. That sure sounds interesting, don’t you think?

I sure had a good time at this convention. It certainly was morphenomenal.

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