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Oct 082013

Mystery Inc. is back once again in Scooby Doo: Legend of the Phantosaur. After solving a mystery at an old mansion, Shaggy becomes diagnosed with a rare overreaction to fear stimuli. I guess he finally had one spooky mystery too many.

As a result, Shaggy must give up anything frightening, which also means he cannot be part of Mystery Inc. anymore. Meanwhile, Fred has to come up with a science project in order to graduate. Luckily, Daphne has a solution for both problems. There’s a paleontological dig near a spa at the town of La Serena, the least haunted town in America.

Once the Scooby gang arrives at the spa they meet Mr. Hubley who works there and is very hard of hearing. Afterwards, they go to the dig site, where Professor Svankmajor gives them a tour. Just when Shaggy gets completely calm after a nice relaxing ghost free day, they encounter a new supernatural beast called the Phantosaur. Scooby, as the noble dog he is, does all he can to keep Shaggy safe throughout the chase.

Back at the spa, Mr. Hubley uses computerized holographic hypnosis to help Shaggy become more fearless after hearing the word “bad”, and switch back to normal when he hears it again. Unfortunately, Mr. Hubley ends up forgetting the key word. That can only lead to trouble if anyone says it by accident.

This mystery also has an excellent share of hilarity. For instance, while at a coffee joint, Scooby drinks a sip of coffee and goes crazy running all over the place and on the ceiling. That’s definitely a first for Scooby-Doo.

While Fred, Daphne, and Velma search for clues back at the dig site, Shaggy and Scooby get into trouble with a biker gang. While under the affects of the hypnosis, Shaggy kicks all of their butts single-handedly and agrees to a motorcycle race against Tex, the gang’s leader. After Tex says “bad”, Shaggy returns to normal and he remembers everything that happened and is dreading what he got himself into. Luckily, Daphne was able to teach him how to ride a motorcycle, sort of.

Soon, another problem occurs. Velma is love struck by the professor’s assistant Winsor. So much so that she can’t concentrate on the mystery. That’s very unlikely to happen because Velma is usually the most focused.

During the motorcycle race, the Phantosaur returns and it’s revealed that the culprits behind it are a couple of mining engineers who were after silver. Tex and his biker gang become allies with the Scooby gang as they capture the criminals. That’s another case closed, or so they thought.

A new Phantosaur comes to town, which also turns out to be a fake. The mystery gets solved at the dig site, but the Scooby gang must also survive a cave-in. Shaggy manages to help out while under the affects of the hypnosis. If only they could figure out the key word.

This is definitely one of the funniest Scooby-Doo adventures yet. It’s good to know that Mystery Inc. doesn’t break up with Shaggy’s traumatic condition and that his friends are always there for him.

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