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Aug 202013

Can you believe it? This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. What better way to celebrate than to have the Power Rangers comedy duo Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy a.k.a. Bulk and Skull at Anime Festival Orlando 2013. They had one of the most hilarious Q&A panels I have ever been to.

Normally, Q&A panels take place on a stage and the celebrity guests sit behind a table, but this time Paul and Jason actually bring their chairs down near the front row. They were also playing funny tricks on each other throughout the panel that made everyone laugh. I loved it.

I once read that Paul Schrier directed some scenes from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but there was no mention of which episodes and he was uncredited as a director most of the time. I asked him which episodes he directed. Paul said that he directed ten episodes in all. Mostly he shadow directed on the sly whenever director/producer Jonathon Tzachor needed to take care of other things with the network.

After the Q&A panel, my sister and I were the first ones in line for Paul and Jason’s autographs. They are a couple of real nice guys and were glad to autograph a couple of photos and a book that I got years ago about a behind the scenes look on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie.

Speaking of the Power Rangers movie book, it was interesting to find out that voice actor and Power Rangers producer Tony Oliver wrote it. He was at this convention. He told me as he autographed the book that he took some of the photos inside, but didn’t have a copy of the book himself.

The next day Tony Oliver, Paul Schrier, and Jason Narvy had another Q&A panel. The hilarity was better than ever as they talked about the creation of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The only major difference was that most of the hijinks stayed on the stage.

There were some interesting facts mentioned. Originally the series was going to be called Dino Rangers, but that didn’t work out. Then the zords were going to be called zoids, but George Lucas already owned that name for Star Wars.

What I really found interesting was that there were three versions of the pilot episode and we got to see the first scene from each one. The first pilot took place in a bowling alley. Bulk was known as Punk #2 and there was a different actress who played Trini the Yellow Ranger.

The second version of the pilot episode took place at the juice bar and Bulk was the leader of the group of punks, which Skull became part of. When Bulk accidentally gets veggie chili spilled on him, there is a fight scene between the rangers and the punks. Come to think of it, I noticed that pieces of the footage were used in the final scene in the season one episode, Big Sisters.

Unfortunately, those two pilots were deemed too violent, so the third version of the pilot was made and it became the one that first went on the air. It had Bulk and Skull without the other punks because there was no need for them.

I definitely had a great time at Anime Festival Orlando this year. I’ve met other stars there as well, so be sure to look for them on future posts.

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