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Aug 062013

Like many movies about sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes, there’s usually a video game release that quickly follows it. However, when compared with the actual movie, the story line in the video game is never entirely accurate. Sure the characters and basic plot are the same, but the video games have more expanded scenes, additional characters, and altered dialogue. That can be confusing sometimes.

Not many of these types of games were that successful, but there have been some good ones too. The main ones I want to focus on are two of the Shrek games for the Playstation 2. Let’s start with Shrek 2, based on the movie of the same name.

In this game, you go through each level in a group of four characters. Since each one has different skills, you can choose which character you want to play at any time as the CPU controls the other three. It can be a pain sometimes when you have to keep the other characters from getting killed because if one goes down so does the rest of the group. On the bright side, there are unlimited lives in this game.

The only time you get to be a solo character is in the Hero Time levels, but those can also be tough. They’re like first person driving games that you have to pass in order to move forward. Miss once and you have to start the level all over again and that can be frustrating.

Occasionally there are enemies to fight off. What I like about that is that the three CPU controlled characters help you out. However, it’s not easy with the tougher enemies like the spinning armored knights and the trolls that throw bombs.

Each level also has stuff to hunt for, some of which is well hidden. Some items are essential to get through the level and some aren’t. I’m just glad that the essential items are easier to find or I would be in need of a strategy guide every time I play this game, just like I would with the Legend of Zelda games.

Then there are levels that prevent you from exploring like the spooky forest, where you have to keep the three blind mice safe as they wonder aimlessly while finding cheese on the path. Fail to do so and that counts as “losing a life”. Good thing this game has checkpoints, but they’re all so spread out.

One stage I’d really like to point out is the final level. The Fairy Godmother is the last boss, but first you have to fight off a bunch of trolls with bombs, tough knights, and helper elves before you can fight her. The battle is exciting, but like the other stages, if you die you have to start all over again with the groups of tough enemies. That’s what truly makes the Fairy Godmother a very difficult boss. I only beat this game once and it felt like it was luck.

Despite some of its flaws, Shrek 2 is still a fun game with its game play and creative extended story line. Check my blog for part 2. There’s still another Playstation 2 game that’s based on the Shrek franchise.


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