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Jun 182013

Can you believe it? I recently found out that there was another Spiderman cartoon series (1981-1982) from the old days. Basically it’s about Peter Parker struggling to balance his duties as a superhero and a photographer for the Daily Bugle, as well as taking care of his Aunt May.

Spiderman faces many villains, but not just his archenemies. He actually goes up against other Marvel villains also. Ones like Magneto, Dr. Doom, and the Red Skull. However, none of the other superheroes help Spiderman with these villains, with the exceptions of Captain America and Sub-Mariner. Why weren’t the X-Men or the Fantastic 4 featured as well? It would’ve been nice to see any of them help out Spiderman once in a while.

The quality of this series is much like Spiderman and his Amazing Friends, which is my most favorite Spiderman series. At first I thought that this series came first and the other came later, but it turns out that both shows had premiered at the same time. Dude, if I had known about this Spiderman series back when it was new along with Spiderman and his Amazing Friends, it would’ve caused a lot of confusion about which show was which.

Don’t get me wrong though. This Spiderman series is certainly a good one. Spiderman’s comedic wit always leaves me laughing, especially when he drives J. Jonah Jameson crazy. This show also has interesting new revelations about Spiderman. Who’d have thought that he was allergic to reptiles and sabretooth tiger hair?

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