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Apr 122013

Beauty and the Beast: A Dark Tale takes on a whole new twist on the classic fairytale. The narrator describes it as a tale more terrifying than any of the storytellers would ever admit. Well, considering that this is a Sci-Fi Channel original movie, somehow I doubt it.

After the King in the royal palace dies before naming a proper successor, the ruthless Count Rudolph (Rhett Giles) will do anything to get that title, even if it means teaming up with the wicked witch Lady Helen (Vanessa Gray).

Belle (Estella Warren) is the heroine in this story. She’s not exactly Xena, but is highly adventurous when gathering herbs in the forest to be used as scented laundry detergent.

While Belle looks for more herbs, she finds the Beast (Victor Parascos) armed with a crossbow. Belle runs scared and coincidentally finds Rudolph. While tracking the Beast back to the village, some innocent people get slaughtered. Everyone believes that the Beast did it, but did he really? Sheriff Otto (Tony Bellette) doesn’t think so. Belle also starts to think the same, so she goes to find the Beast to make sure. Hopefully before Rudolph and his men do.

Belle arrives at the Beast’s home, which is a bit creepy in appearance because of all of the bones everywhere. She finds the Beast and finds out that he’s not dangerous at all. The real monster is a troll that looks like Grendel from Beowulf (2007 version), but with more teeth. That is one scary hairless troll.

In case you were wondering, the Beast is a prince under an enchantment, but not because he was unkind like in the fairytale. He’s merely an outcast because of his looks. Belle sees beyond that and eventually starts to fall for him. Is it enough to break the spell?

This was an interesting film based on the fairytale. It has many similarities from Hercules the Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, the clothes, the time period, the villages, the action, the special effects, even the musical score. It’s terrific.

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  1. Hi my name is Elizabeth Denise Yocum, yes I am your biggest fan ever yes I am so excited to watch your movie on my iPhone is great show I that troll beast is Ugly I never seen the movie of beauty and the beast I loved it so much into my heart and love and romantic movie

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