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Nov 302012

I remember these Koopa wizards as a one of the creatively new brands of enemies from Super Mario World for the Super NES. Their magic wands can turn blocks into random items or enemies and can also disappear and reappear anywhere, but are easily defeated with one stomp to the head. Unfortunately, in the game the Magikoopas only appearances were in two Koopaling castles, #3 and #7, and weren’t even mentioned among the other enemies after the end credits. Isn’t that strange?

It wasn’t until the much later Super Mario Bros. games like Super Princess Peach and the Mario Party games when the Magikoopas were confined to one stronger character, Bowser’s right hand man Kamek.

When Kamek returns in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, he provides a useful edge for the Koopalings in their castles by magically adding a new obstacle to challenge Mario.

In World 8, Kamek resides in his own tower. The way to beat him is still three stomps to the head. However, Kamek is tough because you have to fight him on continuously moving platform blocks. He can change them into anything and he’s also hard to catch because of his disappearing skill.

After defeating Kamek in the tower, he magically makes Bowser bigger, but meets his own demise in the process. Or does he?

Believe it or not, Kamek wasn’t the first independent Magikoopa. In the Super Mario World cartoon series, there was another named Wizenheimer (pronounced Wizz-enheimer) who lives  in Dinosaur Land’s Enchanted Forest in a ghost house. He captures anyone who enters his domain and it’s his nature to be evil. Surprisingly, it was Yoshi who defeated Wizenheimer by eating his wand in order for Mario to stomp him out. In other episodes, it’s also revealed that the Magikoopas are one of the few types of enemies Yoshi can’t eat. You can’t really tell in the Super Mario World game because Yoshi never enters castles, fortresses, or ghost houses.

I’ll tell ya, those Magikoopas can be real tricksters. You can only imagine if Harry Potter were to go up against them.

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