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Dec 092009

This more updated version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003-2006) is so much more different than it used to be. I have seen quite a few revamped versions of old shows that I grew up on. Believe me, this show was the only one that really worked as a continuing favorite.


The turtles’ personalities are basically the same as before, but reveal some new qualities also. For instance, Leonardo is both the team leader and the oldest brother. Raphael is not as witty as before. He’s more of a short-tempered bad dude, who loves motorcycles. Donatello is still an inventor, but is also knows first-aid. Michaelangelo loves comic books and video games and also knows how to respond with a comedic remark. But there are times when Mikey gets irritating, like when he brags about being the Battle Nexus Champion. You gotta love this guy.

The Shredder has always been the turtles’ arch nemesis, but here he’s more dangerous than ever. Krang, Rocksteady, and Bebop are not part of the villain’s group this time around.

His allies include Hun a muscleman who leads the Purple Dragons gang, the army of Foot ninjas that aren’t robots, and scientist Baxter Stockman.

 Stockman doesn’t get turned into a mutant fly, though he does go through other weird transformations. That makes me wonder if he’s even a human.

Casey Jones was merely a one-sided vigilante, who never took his mask off in the other version. Now he’s much more of a character. Not only as April’s love interest, but also relates to Raphael in the “hothead” department, just like in the movie versions of the 90s.

More new characters came along as the series took off. Very few of them were different versions from the old series, but as I got more into this show the comparisons didn’t matter to me anymore.

This series also uses a very creative directing technique, where up to several angles can be shown simultaneously. You won’t see that in just any martial arts film.

What really makes the turtles’ adventures so adventurous is that they don’t patrol the streets like most superheroes do. When trouble comes their way, they always do the right thing wherever they’re at.

It must be great that the turtles have hard shells. That easily protects them when attacked from behind, or if they get thrown on their backs.

This show isn’t as humorous as before, but it sure is exciting with its ninja action. Way to go, turtles!

  3 Responses to “TMNT Better Than Ever”

  1. Vinnie – Your writing just keep getting better and better. Great job!

  2. The 2003 Casey Jones was a weak useless character with a stereotype Italian accent and a narcissistic personality disorder. He was useless to the team since he got his ass kicked a lot and his relationship with April was completely forced and one has to wonder what the hell she saw in him. The 03 fan always like to point out that the turtles were more accurate to the comic book than the 87 version, but the 03 Casey Jones wasn’t at all… but we never see them pointing that out.

    Casey Jones in the was comics was a violent vigilante who could kick ass, he was also a parody of other comic book crime fighters, instead of losing a family member or friend, he just watched too many bad TV shows… the 03 Casey was just cliché character. So save your “he’s much more of a character” crap.

  3. I was comparing the two versions of Casey Jones from the 80s cartoon series and this one. Interesting comment. Thanks for reading my post.

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