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Sep 072009

This classic series was the start of a popular trend of movies and cartoon shows called video game adaptations. It was also when I first became interested in the video game versions of the Super Mario Bros. franchise.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Volume 2 (1989-1990) both start with a live action segment with the Mario brothers as regular plumbers from Brooklyn. Pro wrestler Captain Lou Albano plays Mario and actor Danny Wells plays Luigi. I recognize his voice on Crashbox as the host of Poop or Scoop. You never know who else is gonna stop by the Mario brothers’ plumbing place. Most likely a celebrity guest star like Ernie Hudson or Nicole Eggert. Then comes a Super Mario Bros. cartoon with their adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. That’s where the real video game action is. It’s a mixture of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 with the various characters.

On the original Super Mario Bros. game, Luigi was only a Mario clone for the two-player mode.  On this show, he’s his own character. It makes much more sense that way. What really makes this show interesting is how much it’s like the video games.  Such as the sound effects, the background music, and the character designs.  I think some of the designs look much better here than on the video games, like the Princess and King Koopa.

When Mario and/or Luigi find a fire flower or a starman, they become super. I think it’s neat when the color schemes change. There were even rare times when Toad and the Princess become super with their neat color scheme changes.  The Princess’s pink dress becomes red, white, and blue. It’s amazing. Too bad the Super Mario Bros. 2 game doesn’t have fire flowers. It would’ve been nice to see Toad and the Princess use fireballs.

Although it’s creative that many of the episodes are based on movies and historical figures, none of the worlds are from the video games. It just goes to show how huge the Mushroom Kingdom is. King Koopa wants to rule it all, piece by piece, even while portraying a different type of character, like Count Koopula, Redcoat Koopa, Koopfinger, Dr. Koopenstein, and Koopa Claus.

After the Mario cartoon, there’s a sneak peek of that week’s episode of The Legend of Zelda, but we’ll get to that show later. At the end credits, the music for the song Do the Mario is from the Super Mario Bros. video game. Whenever I play that game on levels with that music, I usually think of the lyrics that go with it. Pretty cool, huh?

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