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Sep 072012

For those of you who remember the Vincent Price version from the 50s, I should inform you that this movie version of House of Wax is nothing like it. This is more of a teen horror movie.

Six college friends, Carly (Elisha Cuthbert), Nick (Chad Michael Murray), Paige (Paris Hilton), Wade (Jared Padalecki), Dalton (Jon Abrahams), and Blake (Robert RI’chard), go on a road trip one night, only to get detoured. So they stop to camp in the woods. That’s right, the woods. You know how exciting that can get in these movies.

This campout starts out fun as Dalton videotapes the others. It’s like a group I could picture myself hanging out with. After they go to sleep, someone or something lurks around. What could it be? “It’s probably a serial killer, or something.” Yeah, that’s it. All the wooded areas have them.

The next morning, no one is killed. However, the fan belt in one of their cars has been cut. Luckily a roadkill driver (Damon Herriman) comes by to help. “Anyone need a hand?” He takes Wade and Carly to the town of Ambrose to get a new one. They find the gas station, only to find that they have every size except the one they need. What are the odds of that? On another note, it seems like years since gas was only $1.19 a gallon.

To pass the time, Wade and Carly take a look in the wax museum. Everything is very well craved. Even the building itself is made entirely out of wax. Now that’s amazing.

After awhile, Nick and Dalton go to pick up Wade and Carly. Unfortunately, Wade has fallen victim to a mysterious killer who injects him with wax and makes a statue out of him. It’s creepy, but I guess that’s how all of those human statues are made. You won’t see this at Madame Tussauds. Smelling salts anyone?

Carly has tried to contact Blake and Paige, but they’re too busy making out to notice. That all changes once the killer goes after them. I thought Paris Hilton did a good job playing a terrified victim and running after getting stabbed in the heel.

I enjoyed this movie, as a teen horror film that’s as funny as it is exciting.

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