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Sep 032012

When I first heard about the NES game Flying Warriors, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The idea of a team of five superheroes I found fascinating. It’s actually a combination of a kung fu action game and a sci-fi fantasy adventure. 

The story is about a demon called Demonyx from the Dark Dimension who breaks free to unleash terror on the world. The only hope is a team of five warriors from the Light Dimension called the Flying Warriors. When they arrive, they don’t arrive together. They can be anywhere or anyone. That’s when I knew this game was different from other superhero games.

The first Flying Warrior is reveled to be the team leader, Rick Stalker, a kung fu martial artist. He’s the only character in the whole game you get to control. It feels like a rip-off because I would have liked to seen the others in action during the travel areas.

There are also one on one matches Rick does on his quest, but it’s nothing like Street Fighter. You follow the attacks and blocks with flashing dots that appear at random. It’s simple to follow. With more defensive tactics you build up your KO Gauge to 100 to use the special flying kick called the Hiyro-No-Ken. Rick can use it only three times before the KO Gauge goes back to 40 and has to be built up all over again, while the enemy can use it at any time. How cheap is that?

During the travel areas, you build up your KO Gauge by defeating enemies. That can be a hassle because with each enemy killed it only goes up by 2, and when you get hit it goes down by 15. At least when the KO Gauge does reach 100, Rick can shoot fireballs from his punches and kicks.

On occasion, enemies leave coins for you to pick up so you can shop for items at a shop. I would recommend the magic water, which restores your life meter, but you can only hold up to ten.

Eventually, Rick learns to transform in his super suit, which not only protects him from heavy damage, but it also allows him to use mystic spells. However, he can only do so during the one on one Tusk Soldier battles when the KO Gauge is at 100. The more items collected, the more spells can be used. Most items are retrieved from winning the different one on one battles. Others have to be found in the travel areas. At least it’s easy to know when you have found everything when the musical score changes.

As you progress, the other Flying Warriors are revealed and join Rick. They include skilled martial artists Mary Lynn and Hayato Go, Army Lieutenant Greg Cummings, and Shadow Cult member Jimmy Cutler Jr. The only times you get to play those characters is during Tusk Soldier battles after transforming. Otherwise, Rick does it all. It would be nice to see the others out of uniform once in a while, even if all of their fighting skills are the same.

Then there’s the Demonyx battle, where the Flying Warriors use mystic spells to fight him as well as the Hiyru-No-Ken when the KO Gauge is up to 100. When defending against Demonyx’s spells with a barrier, it’s unpredictable if it works or not. It’s more like a Final Fantasy type of battle as the attacks go back and forth, when showing how much damage the spells cause.

This was an interesting game with great action and an adventurous story line. When it comes to the difficulty levels, I still prefer beginner level no matter how many times I play this game. However, you can only reveal the true ending by beating the expert mode. It’s plenty challenging as it is.

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