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Aug 062012

The Power Rangers franchise wouldn’t have been the same without comedy duo Farkus Bulkmeier (Paul Schrier) and Eugene Skullovich (Jason Narvy), better known as Bulk and Skull. Bulk is the school bully and Skull is his sidekick. Both go to Angel Grove High School with the rangers and season one is filled with their desperate attempts to compete with their fellow classmates. Cockroach Kung Fu anyone? No matter what the activity, Bulk and Skull will hilariously fail to impress. Whenever there’s a scene that takes place in detention, you can bet Bulk and Skull will always be there.

In season two, the Power Rangers rescue Bulk and Skull from a group of Lord Zedd’s Putty Patrollers. The duo now want to unmask the Power Rangers in hopes of fame and glory. This new focus places Bulk and Skull in the middle of many monster attacks.

As season two progressed, Bulk and Skull start to show more admirable qualities. In the three-part episode The Ninja Encounter, they watch over a baby boy who was left alone after Goldar kidnapped his father along with future rangers Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.

In another season two episode, Bulk and Skull show great courage and actually rescue the Power Rangers from Scatterbrain the kaleidoscope monster. This was the closest they ever came to finding out the true identity of the Power Rangers.

In season three, Bulk and Skull gave up trying to unmask the Power Rangers. To everyone’s surprise (including mine) they decided to join the Junior Police Patrol. Initially they were mostly interested in their new uniforms and the possibility of ladies finding them irrisistable. Later on, Bulk and Skull take their duties more seriously but still end up bumbling their assignments. The comedy becomes more focused on driving their commanding officer Lt. Stone (Gregg Bullock) crazy. It was nice to see the characters evolve from pathetic school bullies to productive citizens of Angel Grove. Bulk and Skull stayed in the Power Rangers franchise including; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, Power Rangers ZeoTurbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers in Space.


At Anime Festival Orlando 2012, it was a blast to meet fan favorite Jason Narvy who played Skull.

A few of my personal favorite Bulk and Skull moments include:

  • Cockroach Kung Fu
  • Bulk competing against Zack in a dance contest
  • Bulk and Skull’s video project
  • The Bulkwich

What are some of your favorites?

  4 Responses to “Power Ranger Comic Relief”

  1. I remember Bulk and Skull going to a womens self defense class to meet babes –

  2. Great post idea! What about Skull and Kimberly on that game show? Can’t remember what it was called.

  3. I agree. It wasn’t what Bulk and Skull expected.

  4. It was called “Trick or Treat”. Each of them takes turns asking the host trick questions. If they succeed in tricking him, they earn a point.

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