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Jun 292012

In the futuristic Dynatron City that’s completely atomic powered, the mad scientist Dr. Mayhem puts a dangerous chemical in the Proto cola that causes mutation. Unfortunately, the citizens love it and that ruins his chances of taking over the city.

So now his next evil plot is to attack the city with an army of robots. That’s when Mayhem’s hostage Monkey Kid pours some Proto cola onto a group of citizens and it turns them into superheroes. They are Jet Headstrong, Buzz Saw Girl, Ms. Megawatt, Toolbox, Radium Dog, and the Monkey Kid.

Together they are The Defenders of Dynatron City. They are a creative group of superheroes. It’s only logical that Monkey Kid is the leader since he is the most sensible one. That starts with convincing the others that teamwork is the key to success and not just showing off.

It’s unfortunate that this cartoon series didn’t make it after only one episode. There was a comic book issue, but it’s basically the same exact story line.

I also remember a video game for the NES based on the show. It started out okay, but was difficult to figure out. Here’s the thing. You can choose between three different characters, Jet Headstrong, Radium Dog, or Ms. Megawatt, with the other members backing you up.

The object is to go through each street to destroy evil robots, which are tough to kill, but not because of their strength. It’s because the hit detection is awkward. Personally Ms. Megawatt is the best choice because her lightning bolt power works much better than Jet Headstrong’s rocket head and Radium Dog’s bite combined.

The real confusion starts when you have to find your way to certain streets. Even with a map, it’s hard to figure out where to go.

As for the other characters, Toolbox uses his head like a hammer, but it only works up close. Buzz Saw Girl throws buzz saws that are as effective as Ms. Megawatt’s lightning bolts. Last but not least, Monkey Kid throws bananas as if they were grenades. I wouldn’t say that it was a bad game, but I expected better.

I admit that The Defenders of Dynatron City wasn’t really anything like Super Friends, X-Men, or The Avengers, but I did see potential. It could’ve worked as a cartoon series especially if you’re a superhero fan.

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