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Jun 042012

I must admit that actress Vivica A. Fox had a fabulous Q&A at Spooky Empire’s MAY-HEM 2012, especially since she went over her roles on each of my favorite films and more, starting with Vivica as Vernita Green from Kill Bill Vol.1.

She said that the fight scene with Uma Thurman was one of the most grueling experiences she’d ever had. She had to train for six months in Tae-Kwon-Do, choreography, kicks, stretching, weight training, you name it. Vivica did each stunt herself except for when she crashes into the table. That scene took four days to film and it left her with a lot of bruises, but she still had a good time doing it.

Another classic role Vivica talked about was Jasmine from Independence Day. Originally, she didn’t get to audition because she wasn’t a big name at the time. Six auditions later, Vivica got the part and did an excellent job.

Good thing I know how to shoot a gun, drive a truck, carry a kid, rescue the dog and the First Lady.”

Vivica also played Ms. B. Haven on Batman & Robin and was asked if she would do another superhero movie. Absolutely, she would because she enjoys doing action movies.

More importantly, Vivica enjoys being a working actress, whether it’s drama, comedy, hosting, or even if the roles are big or small. She believes that everything has a turn and it’s okay to share the spotlight while enjoying the fruits of her labor. That’s a positive attitude and I respect that.

I was so thrilled to have met Vivica A. Fox at Spooky Empire’s MAY-HEM and attend her Q&A panel.

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