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Apr 182012

Milla Jovovich is back again as Alice in the fourth installment, Resident Evil: Afterlife. This time the zombies are still a threat and those scientists who used to experiment on Alice have taken refuge underground in a high-tech fortress. That all changes when Alice breaks in with her smooth fighting skills. She also has that telekinetic force field power down to an art now.

During the battle, it’s also revealed that Alice isn’t alone. She has clones helping her out. Unfortunately, the Alices all get killed after succeeding in blowing up the fortress. All except the real one, who ends up losing her powers completely.

Later, Alice flies a biplane to Alaska to look for the surviving members of the convoy from Resident Evil: Extinction in the town of Arcadia. There were transmissions coming from there saying that it had a refuge away from the zombies. When Alice arrives, she only finds Claire (Ali Larter) with a mind controlling spider robot, which also causes memory loss.

Once Claire comes to her senses, she and Alice fly to a security prison in Los Angeles, which is strong enough to keep the zombies out. After landing, Alice and Claire find some survivors and learn that Arcadia is not a town. It’s a ship that’s not far from the prison. How could they have known that?

The plan now is to figure out how to get everyone to the ship past all of those zombies. Chris (Wentworth Miller), a prisoner who is revealed to be Claire’s brother, has a plan, but no one else trusts him. That soon changes once the zombies find a way to sneak in underground to the showers. You’d think they would’ve waited until after Alice started showering before breaking in.

These zombies have a new feature also. Their mouths open like Venus flytraps with snakelike fangs. Luckily, Alice has a trick up her sleeve. She uses quarters for ammo. I never realized they could be that lethal. On the other hand, there’s no casino for her to use them.

Soon the prison gates fail because a new masked monster called and axeman arrives with a giant homemade axe/sledgehammer. There’s no explanation about what he is, or where he came from. Only that he’s tough and not even bullets to the head can stop it.

Back in the showers, both Alice and Claire fight the masked monster in an exciting boss battle. It takes a lot to beat this guy and I also wonder if he really made that weapon all by himself.

Only a few survivors manage to escape with Alice to Arcadia, but it’s not over yet. New surprises await them on the ship, which include the return of the mutant zombie dogs. What’s a Resident Evil movie without them?

I liked this exciting sequel. Alice has done well without her powers, but will she need them again?

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