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Mar 282012

One of the first Simpsons video games for the Super NES was The Simpsons: Bart’s Nightmare. For a “newer” video game console, this title already sounds interesting compared to some of the older Simpsons games for the NES.

The story begins with Bart doing his homework and falling asleep. Suddenly, all eight pages of his homework fly out the window and Bart has to rescue them from his nightmarish dream world that’s filled with unusual, but very familiar beings.

Once you arrive in the central area called Windy World, you’ll have to search for the homework papers moving around the ground with the wind blowing. While doing so, you’ll have to keep your Z’s meter up by dodging enemies and collecting items all around. Once you find a paper, jump in.

Each paper has a different level inside. It’s usually random which level you’ll be going to, but the colors of the doors make it easier to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

The blue door leads to a superhero level. As Bartman, you fly through the sky with unlimited ammo in your slingshot. Many things try to kill you from killer clouds to missiles launched from below. (Who could be launching them?) There are also five bosses to face. They include the twins in a hot air balloon, Barney on a pink elephant that flies and shoots beer nuts, Smithers in a small missile blimp (twice), and Mr. Burns in a biplane. It’s a little disappointing that you only get one paper after all that.

The red door leads to a bloodstream level, where Bart swims around and blows up enemy viruses with a bicycle pump. In order to free the paper from a force field, you must collect six Smiling Joe Fission characters before the viruses get you. The only tough part is dodging the mini bombs they throw. It only takes one to kill you.

The rest of the doors have two stages and papers. The yellow one goes to the world of Itchy & Scratchy, which is a more violent take on Tom & Jerry. Bart watches this cartoon series all the time on the Krusty the Clown Show. Now he’s living it while trying to survive the violent cartoon enemies. Itchy and Scratchy themselves get killed and come back frequently. Personally, I think Itchy is harder to beat, especially when he brings on the bazooka.

The green door leads to a monster level. As Bartzilla, you must destroy enemy tanks, jets, and helicopters to get to a very tall building. The enemies are hard to dodge, so you have to blast them before they get the chance to shoot you.

In the second stage, Bartzilla must climb a very tall building while dodging various objects people throw out the windows. You can climb the side, but the UFO will get you. If that wasn’t tough enough, you must also dodge Marge the giant hornet before getting to Homer Kong at the very top. At least he’s easy to beat.

Come to think of it, I now realize that Marge the hornet is meant to resemble Mothra.

Speaking of Homer, here he is at Universal Studios in 2011.

The orange door leads to the Temple of Maggie, where Indiana Bart must follow four rows of platforms to get through. This is my least favorite level because random platforms are booby-trapped. That makes it frustrating when you don’t know the exact path to take. One little mistake and you die.

This is a good game with interesting adventure. The only thing at stake is Bart’s grade. Oh, the sacrifices one must make just to pass.

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