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Feb 172012

One of the most common episode plots in a superhero franchise is about evil clones of the hero(s). It has actually happened at least several times with the Power Rangers. A team of evil clones does sometimes appear more interesting than just one evil clone.

The first attempt was in season one when Rita Repulsa sends a group of Power Ranger imposters to ruin the rangers’ reputation, while the real Power Rangers are held in detention. They manage to escape temporarily and fight the imposters, who are revealed to be Putty Patrollers except for Red Ranger, who turns out to be a mirror monster called Twin Man.

Later in season one, Rita creates evil Power Ranger clones from Putty Patrollers once again, but this batch is tougher. Goldar trains them to fight like the rangers and provides the badges of darkness. Once again Red Ranger doesn’t get a clone. That’s either because Red Ranger is a better fighter than the others, or that no Putty Patroller is capable of independent thought in order to lead the team. Instead, Red Ranger gets a monster, Commander Crayfish.

In season two, Lord Zedd only uses one monster to clone the rangers in order to cause confusion. He is Primator the shape shifting ape that was created from a gorilla costume. The rangers had to be extra clever to fight this guy.

Later on, Lord Zedd discovers five tough teenagers, who like to push people around. He gives them ranger powers in order to become the Dark Rangers. It’s too bad that we never got to see them in action.

Then it wasn’t until Power Rangers in Space when an even edgier group of evil rangers come along. They are called the Psycho Rangers and their sole purpose is to destroy their counterparts.

The Psycho Rangers are more than just equal fighters to the Power Rangers. They’re faster, stronger, and can shape shift into anyone at any time. What really sticks out is that the Psycho Rangers are all very capable of independent thought, which causes a clash of egos and jeopardizes their teamwork. Apparently, that seems to be their only flaw.

If you think the Psycho Rangers are just Putty Patrollers led by a monster like before, think again. They are each a different monster that requires zord power to defeat.

Psycho Pink is a fire-breathing octopus that can snatch the rangers’ weapons to use against them.

Psycho Blue is a spiked crystal monster with blizzard breath.

Psycho Black is a rock monster with enormous strength, especially in his fists.

Psycho Yellow is a hornet monster, but unlike the others, she’s manipulative and prefers to wait until the rangers are worn down before making her move.

Psycho Red is some kind of wild flower monster that’s just plain creepy. Never get on his bad side, or he’ll really become fearsome, even if it’s against his own comrades.

Before, the Power Rangers managed to destroy the group of imposters within one episode. The Psycho Rangers are much tougher and have to be destroyed one at a time. Even as that team slowly reduces in numbers, they’re still hard to fight off, but the Power Rangers always prevail in the end.

The Psycho Rangers do return in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, but are defeated more easily… with two teams of Power Rangers together.

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